Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cute Quote Friday!

Hi guys, so this post is mostly about self confidence and self esteem. I want to make everyone feel good about themselves no one should ever feel like they are not worth anything. I hope this helps.

I have really low confidence. I get really nervous and awkward around people I don't know that well and I think that everyone is judging me at all times! I haven't always been like this I used to be very confident with new people I was always smiling. And I mean always. When I started secondary school or high school I became very self conscious about my weight the way I looked and many more just as any body else would but I started to really lose faith in myself and since then my confidence has been a serious issue even when it comes to classes. My reports consistently say Marcie needs more confidence, Marcie struggles with confidence or Marcie has potential but lacks in confidence. I would never want any of you to suffer from being self conscious about anything. You should be proud of who you are and really believe in yourself. If other people put you down forget about them its all about really believing in yourself. Trust me I learnt the hard way and once you get past a certain point it is truly difficult to turn it around for the future. I now find it very hard to talk in front of even just a few people for any kind of speech or speaking assessment and I can never do an assembly even about something I am maybe really wanting to because I get so self conscious. Please don't ever worry about what people say because the people that really matter in your life won't care about any of that. The people that will judge you or make fun of you just need to feed of the attention because they have nothing better to do with their lives. One day you will be laughing in their faces because you ignored them and got on with your life and they spent all their time trying so hard to be popular craving attention that they let their work slip right out of their fingertips. Just remember that everybody else is irrelevant when it comes to belief until you believe in yourself you will have the toughest critic out there judging you, yourself.
  Thanks for reading. I hope this helps some of you. Comment down below with some topics you would like me to talk about in future Fridays. 

Love Marcie xx

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