Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Haul!

Hi guys, so I know it is really late but I love reading these posts and watching videos of them so I thought I would do one. It is just quick but if you want any extra information comment down below.

1) Drumsticks - this is a giant drumstick box with little ones inside.
2) Candle - Pomegranate

3) Body lotion/shower gel - merry berry
4) Celebrations
5) Terry's chocolate orange
6) Freddo faces
7) One direction calendar 2014
8) One direction all albums
- up all night
- take me home
- midnight memories
9) One direction DVD
10) Slippers (white ones)
11) All black all star converse
12) Coltrane dupes (unfortunately they were the wrong size and when I took them to exchange they had discontinued them so I bought the converse with the refund money)

13) Jack wills wash bag
14) Jack wills bag
15) Remote control car
16) £20
17) Lynx spray and shower gel set - Attract for her
18) Michael Kors rose gold small face watch

19) Chelsea boots - Topshop (I got a pair of really nice boots but I decided to swap them for a different pair.)

24) Chelsea boots - Topshop (The pair I swapped the other boots for)

Sorry its so late. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I am so grateful for everything I get. I also reached 2300 views and I would like to thank everyone, so THANK YOU!

Love Marcie xx
BYE <3 

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