Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Haul!

Hi guys, so I know it is really late but I love reading these posts and watching videos of them so I thought I would do one. It is just quick but if you want any extra information comment down below.

1) Drumsticks - this is a giant drumstick box with little ones inside.
2) Candle - Pomegranate

3) Body lotion/shower gel - merry berry
4) Celebrations
5) Terry's chocolate orange
6) Freddo faces
7) One direction calendar 2014
8) One direction all albums
- up all night
- take me home
- midnight memories
9) One direction DVD
10) Slippers (white ones)
11) All black all star converse
12) Coltrane dupes (unfortunately they were the wrong size and when I took them to exchange they had discontinued them so I bought the converse with the refund money)

13) Jack wills wash bag
14) Jack wills bag
15) Remote control car
16) £20
17) Lynx spray and shower gel set - Attract for her
18) Michael Kors rose gold small face watch

19) Chelsea boots - Topshop (I got a pair of really nice boots but I decided to swap them for a different pair.)

24) Chelsea boots - Topshop (The pair I swapped the other boots for)

Sorry its so late. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. I am so grateful for everything I get. I also reached 2300 views and I would like to thank everyone, so THANK YOU!

Love Marcie xx
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Friday, 6 December 2013

Blogmas Day 5: Favourite Winter Nail Polishes!

Hi guys, so I love winter colours for my nails. I love the dark colours and the maroon and gold colours. I have picked a few of my favourite winter nail colours to show you so maybe you might like them.

1) Shimmy - Strictly Come Dancing set
- This is such a beautiful champagne glitter but it is not like a regular glitter to get off it feels like their is a topcoat on top because it is smooth so it is easier to wipe of. It has a medium size brush which I find great for my nails as 3 strokes right left middle gives a great cover over your nail and you don't really need more than one coat. I think this is great for any occasion like a Christmas party or even how I am wearing now just for school on my 4th fingers with a beige colour I will mention later on all the rest.

2) Biscuit - Oh So Nails (Next)
- This is the beige colour I was speaking about. I is a very natural nude colour so it is great for school if you are like me and love to wear nail varnish but aren't allowed. It is a small brush so it is very precised so you don't get much if any polish on your finger. It is cheap and affordable at only £2.50. It is a very simple colour as I was saying but you can always jazz it up with some glitter or fancy patterns if you are feeling creative.

3) Blackberry -La Femme Beauty
- This is a gorgeous plum colour. It is so nice for parties, Christmas or even just winter time. It is quite a big bottle so I don't think I am going to run out any time soon and it has a very decent sized brush so it doesn't go all over your finger. It is quite dark so I would suggest wearing it to school where you will get in trouble because it is a lot more obvious than the beige.

4) Shade 8 - 2True
- This is again a maroon colour but you need a few more layers of this as it is quite thin. It goes on easily but while it is drying don't move much because it gets ruined by the slightest touch. Again not so great for school as it is on the darker side but if you are allowed then go ahead.

5) Dark grey - Primark set
- This is a very dark grey with a little hint of blue in there. I love the bottle it is so cute, it is a little heart. I put this on my toe nails but I thinks it looks really cute finger nail as well. It is very dark and noticeable so I don't recommend wearing it too school unless you are allowed. The only colour I can describe this as is the same colour as an elephants skin minus the wrinkles of course.

6) Light grey/beige - Primark set
- This is a beige/grey colour. It goes well with pretty much everything. It is very natural and subtle so it would be a good colour for school. This is such pretty colour on the nails as isn't too bright or too unnoticeable. It is very traditional simple chic.

7) Dark maroon - Primark  set
- This is a plain maroon colour. So as you can tell I love maroon as a winter and Christmas time colour. It's so beautiful on your nails with all winter coloured clothes like dark green, black, maroon, dark navy blue and red. This is

8) Cocktail Bling - Essie
- This is a medium grey colour. It is very subtle but very classy. It I a little more expensive but I personally think Essie nail polishes are some of the best and are really good quality.

9) Jupiter - La Femme Beauty
-This is a red glitter polish, an obvious festive choice. I love to really get into the festive spirit when it is a few days away so I don't think you can really get anymore festive than this when it comes to nails without drawing designs and characters on your nails which I am not talented enough to do. I like to put this on top a red polish. My favourite polishes are La Femme Beauty 'babe' and O.P.I 'Big Red Apple.

10) Seductress - Strictly Come Dancing set
- This is a plum burgundy shimmer polish. It is such a lovely Christmas wine colour with a little shimmer in it. This is also great for any parties in the or for Christmas parties. This doesn't have a lot of shimmer in it but it has the perfect amount.

11) Midnight - Strictly Come Dancing set
- This is a sapphire blue colour with a hint of shimmer in. It is a really gorgeous rich colour especially when the sun hits it. This is great for the winter months and also would look amazing at any Christmas parties.

11) Excuse moi - O.P.I
- This is a really pretty sheer pink colour with multi coloured glitter in. his always great for parties especially Christmas parties. It is a pain to get off but it stays on for a long time and looks really pretty on. It doesn't really tend to smudge a lot because of the glitter but don't touch anything while your waiting just in case.   

Thanks for reading. I hope I gave you some inspiration on some cute nail colours for the cold winter months. Comment below telling me some posts you want to see during Blogmas.

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The bells are ringing out for Christmas Day