Thursday, 8 August 2013

Liebster nomination questions answered. Day 8!

Hi guys, so I know this isn't a photo but a lovely blogger called Erin (aka. nominated me for the Liebster award so I am going to answer a few questions she has given me to answer and then give my nominations.

1) What or who inspired you to start blogging?
- Well I had seen a lot of YouTube videos and I couldn't bring myself to sit in front of a camera and talk, but then I found out you can write a blog but still be able to speak to other people about what I love have other people take an interest in it.

2) Whats in your handbag right now?
- Dove deodorant, PizBuin spray sun-cream, Vaseline aloe vera hand cream, Primark hand sanitiser, Airwaves chewing gum, sunnies, bobby pins, scrunchy, hair bobble, lip balm, Purse, brush and keys.

3) Fashion or beauty?
- Fahion. I like skincare stuff but I don't wear makeup so I often don't have anything to write on it. On special occasions I will wear some make up but never on a normal day.

4) Leggings or jeans?
- Leggings. I love jeans and I love wearing the 2 pairs I have, but I find it very hard to find jeans that fit me nicely. Unfortunately I don't have the greatest figure. I am big around my stomach but I am short so when I go for a bigger pair they are two long. I have lost a lot of weight but there is still a fair way to go. I can however shop in Topshop petite  and only Topshop petite section for jeans but again unfortunately they are £38.

5) What puts the 'best' in your best friend?
- I wasn't really sure if this meant what I look for in a friend or what the best thing about my best friend but I am going to tell you what I look for in a best friend. A best friend to me is a great bubbly personality I hate bratty moody people, I love to laugh so if I can laugh so much I cry with a friend I know they are my true friend. Also if I have a lot of private jokes that just instantly cheer me up, I love that. Lastly I have to feel close and comfortable enough to tell them anything and know they will be there for me and I will be there for them.

6) What shade of lipstick are you loving right now?
- As I said before I don't wear lipstick but I when I do I like to wear all different colours apart from light pinks and purples. At the moment I am loving bright lipsticks and nude pinks because they are very summery.

7) What's your favourite way to wear your hair?
- I love to wear my hair down whether its straight curly or wavy because I have really Long hair, but I also like to wear it in a top knot bun or a high pony.

8) Name one fashion item, one beauty item and one other item you could not live without.
- Fashion item blue denim shorts from Hollister. They go with practically everything. Beauty item Nivea soothing day cream and regenerating night cream. A hair brush is my could not live without essential item even if I just have a small travel fold our one I still need one. My hair get super knotty because it is really long and thick so I always need and carry one around with me, I also just hate the look when it isn't brushed. I am a neat freak. I am kind of cheating here but another item I could not live without is my Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. I love them!

9) What's your favourite D.I.Y item lately?
- I love D.I.Y nail varnishes and D.I.Y t-shirts. I made a dork top I got given into a low side cute top to wear with a bandeaux.

10) What's the last outfit you worse out lately?
-Pink short top with low cute sides and front: H&M £1.99
-White and black striped bandeaux: New Look £2
-White shorts: Hollister £45
-Brown sandals with gold hardware: Primark £3

My nominees:
1) - Gwen
2) - Bridget
3) - Mash Elle
4) - Rosy

My questions:
1) What is the best thing about blogging for you?
2) What are your three aspects that you love the most?
3) What do people know you best for?
4) Describe yourself in 3 words?
5) What is your favourite genre of film and television?
6) What do you want to do when you are older (career)?
7) Who inspires you (famous or not)?
8) Where is favourite place in the world?
9) What is your favourite thing to do when you get home from school?
10) Would you prefer to be boiling hot with water and a fan or freezing cold with hot chocolate and a duvet?

Thanks for reading and thanks to Erin for nominated me I really appreciate every view comment and person on this blog.

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Love Marcie
BYE <3

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