Sunday, 2 June 2013

May favourites!

Hi guys, I have only been loving a few things this month as most things are the same as usual and I don't want to bore you. I haven't loved a lot of beauty items its mostly random  favourites but I hope you still like it.

I am going to start with the more random things. So, the first thing is a drink. This is the volvic juiced cloudy lemon. When I first saw this I thought it sounded horrible mixing juice with water but its not really like that it more of a very, very juice like squash. It is so lemony and is really refreshing for the spring and summer.
Duplo. All I can say is duplo duplo duplo. On my German exchange I discovered a chocolate bar called duplo. When my exchange Sarah came to stay with me she bought presents for us, and she bought me a packet of these. When I left Germany my German family gave me a double pack of these. Yummy! This is basically a biscuit/wafer with Nutella like stuff covered with chocolate.
I am all for having a good time making stupid videos with your friends while we're still kids. So one of my favourites this month is an app I bought called video star. I love this app. It's free and allows you to have loads of different effects to make your perfect video to look back on when your all grown up and having one of those look back at everything you did when you were younger days.
The next thing I have loved this month is Watermelon. I don't know why but I have just really been obsessed with watermelon. It is so refreshing and tastes really good and its pretty too.

My next random favourite is an ice lolly called Nobbly Bobbly. This is chocolate ice cream covered in a layer of strawberry ice cream them coated in a very thin layer of chocolate and then covered in sprinkles! I love these for spring and summer when its nice and warm and sunny.

Next is a song covered on Britain's got talent by two boys called jack and Cormac from Ireland. They sang little talks by of monsters and men. I love their voices and they are so adorable - 
The next is similar to the last one. I have been loving marina and the diamonds. two song in particular are "Oh no" and "how to be a heartbreaker". I think they are really catchy tunes and I love her voice.
Next moving on to fashion is a pack of rings I bought from Republic. It did come with earrings but I don't really like wearing earrings much. The first ring is gold with the word love on, I wear this on my thumb as it looks the most effective (middle ring). The second one is also gold with a white bow with gold rim around it, I also wear this on my thumb (bottom ring). The third ring is a plain gold circle ring with a fake white pearl on top, I normally wear this on my thumb but I spin it round because I don't like the way the pearl looks on my finger (top ring).
My next fashion favourite is a cardigan I got from Topshop a few months ago. I love this jumper just to throw over a top and shorts if my mum has her roof down in the car in case it gets a tad chilli. It is khaki green and so soft. I wore this to Germany a lot as I didn't want anything to heavy because it got hot during the day but it was great for the morning. Even when I got soaked in the rain got pushed into a pool it still dried really soft.
next is a pair of shorts I haven't worn for a while as there hasn't been any sun for a year. They are white and quite loose but the fit nicely. I like to wear this with a white and black striped bandeaux with a blue sleeveless top with a sort of acid wash look to it and a few small spiked on the vest sleeves. I m sorry this isn't a great picture but I didn't have any full body ones with me wearing these.
The last fashion favourite is this dark denim acid wash blue top. I have been really loving low cut side tops to wear with a bandeau or bright cami underneath. I know this isn't the best picture but you can kind of see how the bandeau shows through. It has small quite flat spike studs round the sleeve part. I just found this comfy and great for summer.
Next is a perfume. I don't have the bottle of perfume, but I have a sample in a magazine that I just rub on my wrists and love to smell and I am thinking of investing in the actual bottle because it smells so good. It is called Ellie Saab le parfum. This smells truly amazing. If you are ever in boots or superdrug go and have a sniff of this if you can find it.
Moving on to beauty products. The first thing is kind of a beauty item but a pretty random one. It is the venus breeze razor. This has soap bars on the end which help make your legs really smooth and its not so harsh on your skin. This leaves your legs silky smooth  and feels so nice and soft when you shave because of the soap which by the way smells amazing. I bought the purple one.

My next beauty favourite of the month is the Vaseline essential moisture aloe fresh light feeling lotion. I use this cream once I have got out of the bath or shower and especially when I shaved my legs because it makes them feel really soft and smooth like a babies but. Did I really just say that, yes, yes I did.

 The next beauty favourite of mine is no shocker, it has been mentioned over and over during my blog but I just love it so much I thought it should be mentioned again. I am talking about the Essie Mint Candy Apple nail polish. I love the colour for spring and summer. It is just a really great nail polish.
  Next is something I have only used once or twice but loved it when I did. The Yves Saint Laurent touch√© √©clat radiance touch. It is great for any blemishes, under eye circles, and cancelling out red ness. I have a few blemishes on my nose that were very red and a few dabs of this really worked a treat. I also used this on my under eye circles and it gave me a really flawless look and didn't cake up.
 My next favourite is a nail polish I have loved for ages and only recently purchased with a gift card. I am talking about peaches and cream by Topshop. This a very peachy orange colour hence the name 'peaches and cream'. I love the colour of this you do have to put about 2 or 3 coats on to build up the colour but its very nice. I am rubbish at describing I am sorry.
Thanks for reading. I am sorry there isn't a lot and that they are mostly random ones not fashion and beauty I guess it has just been random month.
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