Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Top Tips to Make Packing Easier!

 Hi guys, I am doing the blog for a whole month challenge, a new post every day so be sure to look everyday for a new post. 
So anyway, I am going on holiday and I always hear people saying 'good luck' or 'I find packing so stressful' but I am actually suprisingly organised and like pack. I am totally normal. So here are my best ways for you to pack up for a holiday with no stress.

1) pick out an outfit you want to fly in, but don't forget the undies.

2) pick out an outfit for every day you going (including undies for each outfit).

3) pick out an evening outfit for every night you will be there (including extra undies incase you have a shower which I always do).

4) pick out 2 or 3 swimming costumes per week you are going (pick as many or as less as you like this is just my preference, I like options but I always have a favourite one I wear the most).
5) pick out a bag for your hand luggage, maybe a big bag that is comfortable to wear for a few hours, sort everything you want to take on the flight on a check list and tick as you go.
6) put everything from your checklist into your hand luggage bag.

7) pick as many shoes as you need I recommend - one you know you could wear with everything if possible, a comfortable pear, preferably sandals or flipflops if your going somewhere hot, something for the evening and finnally warm shoes for coming back to miserable England
8) put all your shoes in first as flat down as you can.

9) put all you day outfits in a pile, 2 piles if it is too big.
10) put all your night time outfits in a pile or 2 in your case.

11) sort out all the toiletries you are taking into a bag or 2.

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