Sunday, 26 May 2013

My designs! blogging everyday in may 26.

Hi guys, so since I want to be a designer some day I thought I would show you some of my designs from one of my books. I am only going to show a few. Please bear in mind they are quite old and I am only 14 years old.

Design 1: woodsy.
Green striped top
Brown high waisted shorts
brown biker boots
nature headpiece
 Outfit 2: posh casual.
pink top with fish net detailing
big brown belt
blue skirt
white knee high socks with pink and blue stripes
blue heels with wood detailing
 Outfit 3:
light pink dress
big grey waist belt
high pink socks
grey biker boots
grey biker sleeveless jacket
Outfit 4: work chic.
white or cream blouse
black or dark beige skirt with white or cream pockets
Outfit 5: beach time.
blue polka dot bikini
sheer pink over dress elasticated at hips.
floppy sun hat
Outfit 6: posh holiday evening.
wedge sandals
maxi dress

Outfit 7: date night.
black and white mini dress
black platform boot heels .e.g. Jeffery Campbells (not visible)
Outfit 8: fancy evening occasion (anniversary)
black dress with gold collar and belt detail
Thanks for reading I hoped you liked some of my designs. I would love to hear what you think of them, but please don't comment sayings horrible things.
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Bye <3

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