Monday, 27 May 2013

My designs 2! blogging everyday in may 27.

Hi guys, I have decided that I am going to do posts on my designs until I have showed you all the designs. Please bear in mind I am young and these were drawn quite a while ago. I will put links to similar items in case you like anything you see. They will not be exactly the same as I have designed all of these myself.
outfit 1: casual bbq.
Outfit 2: black.
black and white diagonal striped t-shirt - (
black disco pants/jogpers - (
white or black boot platform heels - (
Outfit 3: summer.
Outfit 4: fancy day time.
blue high waisted jeans - (
striped sleeveless top - (
brown platform boot heels - (
Outfit 5: work.
grey slit pencil skirt - (
purple top - (
purple blazer/cardigan - (
grey/purple/black platform heels - (
Outfit 6: Holiday evening.
Black and white playsuit - (
black bangle - (
black platform heels - (
Outfit 7: Cute summer dress.
pink and purple dress - (
Outfit 8: stripes.
striped puff ball skirt - (
striped blouse/top - (

Thanks for reading. I hop you like my designs. Please comment below telling me what you thought
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