Thursday, 9 May 2013

Get Your Neon Out! blogging everyday in may.

Hi guys, so I have been really loving Neon, as some of you may know if you read my I <3 spring tag. I am going to show you a few Neon items to pull out all the stops on your highstreet catwalk at affordable prices. Go bright or go home.
So I recently bought a top from River Island which was suprisingly cheap considering it was from there normally there stuff is massivly over budget. This cost £15. This is a bright pink neon top with thick straps on your shoulder with a fake pocket. I like to wear this with disco pants and you could also pair it with a cute pair of shorts or jeans(not sure about jeans since its spring/summer outfits) with heels pumps or vans depending on the weather and occasion.
I have bought another top from River Island since I had voucher from my birthday. This one is a very bright sunny yellow wiith a fabric lace detailing on the front. This did cost quite a bit but it was definately worth since it is one of the things I actually rearly like on myslef. This cost me £22.
Another thing I bought which I bought from Primark are a pack of socks. I know right, why is this weirdo including socks in a post. These socks are super bright are great for sports like trampolining. I also think these would look really cool popping out of the top of white shoes. These were about £2.
This next one is  a nail polish that I have had a lot of comments from people telling me they love the colour. I have really been into coral recently so I thought since it was nice and sunny out I would get a nice bright colour on my nails. It is a very bright neon coral and stays on great even without a top coat. I don't know how much it is but it was in a pack of about 12 other polishes from amazon from a brand called La Femme Beauty, which I have mentioned in quite a few of my posts.
Last but not least. These are 2 of the nicest spring jumpers I have ever got and they really flatter my shape. I am a curvey shape by the way, I would be an hourglass but I am slighly bigger than average). I got this in 2 colours the first one in a very bright coral again and the second in a very bright mint green. Now I know that you wouldn't think mint green is classed as neon but this is a very bright bright mint.
Thanks for reading I hope this shows you that even though Neon is bold you can still look really pretty.
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