Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Favourites! blogging every day in may 2.

Hi guys, so its the end of another month again, this year is going so fast and I just can't even believe it. So here is my April favorites.
1) The original source lemon and tea tree shower gel - This shower gel smells absolutely amazing and lemony fresh. As well as being a great shower gel it works great for shaving your legs. My brothers have decided that everything I buy is now theirs so we have gone through like 4 of these in the past month or 2 because its so nice.

3) Estée Lauder eyelash curlers - So recently I have been curling my lashes for school in the morning and in the day and I have noticed such a difference. My bottom lashes are curled but my top ones are flat and ever since I have been using these I have been complimented all the time, people keep saying I look really pretty and for me this is a massive deal because I am not really the most confident person for looks and weight. These also give a really nice natural curl.
2) Hollister laguna beach - This month I have been loving using this after a nice relaxing bath when I have shaved my legs. It isgreat for after shaved legs because it keeps my skin from getting dry the next day. It also smells amazing.

4) O.P.I nail envy nail strengthener - My nails recently have been a nightmare, not because they keep breaking but because they keep peeling, so thankfully I had my O.P.I nail envy in hand to make it all better. It really strengthens the nail and makes it healthier and shiny. It has been my saviour this month.

5) Disco pants - So about 4 or 5 years ago I had a party to go to so I bought some disco pants, and they just came back in fashion which I am really glad about since I completely forgot I had them and have worn them almost the whole of April. You can really dress them up or dress them down, and luckily for me I didn't have to splash the cash for a new pair.

8) I have literally been OBSESSED with 3 shows. The first show is 'Pretty little liars', I had heard loads of Youtuber's recommending this so I started to watch it and I am addicted to it now! It really draws you in and makes you want to watch every episode right then and there. The second one is Dance Moms. This is a really dramatic reality show about a group of amazing and fanatically talented dancers on a competition team with a really harsh teacher and it is basically showing how the mothers get annoyed at 'Abby' the teacher for showing favouritism, It is Amazing with a capital A, and finally the third one is Made in Chelsea. I never thought I would like it, I thought I would think it was just fake and rubbish but boy was I wrong. I absolutely love it.

9) I have 2 favourite fragrancea this month, The first one is New York by Impulse. It is very fresh and light so great for summer, and it isn't too strong so it won't make people coff. The second one is the CKone perfume, I love this because it has a really springy scent to it maybe its a bit floral I am not sure but it smells quite sweet but not overly sweet.

10) My Favourite candle, which I mentioned it my I <3 Spring Tag, is the dafodills and dandelions (sunny side up) candle. It smells really fresh, light and summery and isn't too sweet or too floral which I love. I am going to have to repurchase this because I loved it so much.

11) I have been loving 2 Nail varnishes this month. First is Essie mint candle apple. This colour is just like it sound it is a mint green with a bit of blue in it. I have mentioned this in pretty much all my posts, but I love this polish so much! Second is the La Femme Beauty U/Tangerine, it sounds very orange but it is more of a peach with very small hint off pink.

12) I have recently just found my peppermint Jack Wills lip balm, and when I used this s few weeks ago my lips suddenly got really soft, they weren't dry anymore, and it made my lips look like a better version of my original lip colour.

13) My Vans have been my love this month because everything I have worn they just happen to go with. I love my vans to death. My vans are maroon/burgundy, they came with black laces but I swapped for white because they look better. I have been wearing these religiously like my disco pants because they are bott cute and confy, but now I just want them in every colour.

14) My favourite app this month has been Solitaire. Now I know everyone thinks I am wierd now but if you tried playing it, it is addictive and it feels so good to win. I always find myself screaming out loud that I have won. I have also been loving temple run 2.

15) I never thought I liked almonds but I have really been loving the almond magnums this month. They are delish! I have  also really been loving the mars bar ice creams because the caramel tastes like it is really good quality caramel.
Thanks for reading I hope you guys try some of the  things I have mentioned and love them just as much as I did. make sure to keep checking everyday for a new post for my blog everyday in may challenge.
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  1. Lovely post, I also really like that shower gel, it's so refreshing! Do you want to follow each other?

    1. Thank you so much and yh I would love to check out your blog and I will be sure to follow it x