Friday, 31 May 2013

My designs 5! blogging evryday in may.

Hi guys so I am only going to do 1 more of my designs because I feel like it is getting to samey. I will leave links t where you can find similar items, they wont be exactly the same as I have designed these myself.
Outfit 1: vintage.

 Outfit 2: summer evening.
black sleeveless leather jack - (
black fitted skirt with over net skirt - (
white or pink V-neck top - (
 Outfit 3: daytime.
white and denim collared shirt - (
light blue denim jeans - (
maroon thick sole plimsoll - (
 Outfit 4: party.
off set stick collar jumper

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Designs 4! blogging everyday in may 29.

Hi guys, so here is the 4th set of my designs. I hope you enjoy them. I was quite young when I did these so no judging ok. I will leave links to items similar to the ones I have designed

Outfit 1: Work.
pink cardigan - (
pink bow belt - (
grey strappy dress - (
pink heels - (
 Outfit 2: party night out.
black and white spotted strappy bandeaux - (
black fitted skirt - (
black boot platform heels - (
 Outfit 3: night out.
white blouse with pink collar and buttons - (
pink jeans/disco pants - (
pink heels - (
 Outfit 4: fancy casual
cream blouse with a pussy bow - (
brown shorts - (
open toes boot like heels - (
 Outfit 5: summer day bbq.
pink rose clip - (
pink maxi dress with brown shoulders - (
skinny brown waist belt - (
brown gladiator sandals - (
 Outfit 6: crazy fashion.
peace and hearts high neck top - (
high waisted shorts - (
peace and hearts leggings - (
Jeffrey Campbell Lana style heels - (
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My designs 3! blogging everyday in may 28.

Hi guys so here is my 3rd lot of designs for you. I will put links in brackets so you can find similar things if you like the look of something. It wont be exactly the same as these are things I have designed but I will try my best to find as close of a match as I can.
Outfit 1: casual.
 Outfit 2: Pink and purple disco.
Purple ombre cropped top - (
pink vest - (
purple disco pants -(
pink platform heels - (
Outfit 3: formal dance/dinner.
Pink formal/prom dress - (
pink platform heels - (
Outfit 4: Retro.
Red and white striped dress - (
Red lipstick - (
big white waist belt - (
Outfit 5: casual military.
Brown or light blue denim waistcoat - (
Camouflage top - (
Brown/beige jeans - (
Brown biker boots - (
Outfit 6: Nicki Minaj/Lady Gaga crazy outfit.
cupcake clock headband - (
wacky dress - (
elf like shoes - (
Outfit 7: black night.
Black Jeffrey Campbell styles boot heels - (

Outfit 8: Victoria secret runway style.
white pixie dress - (
lace up leg heels - (
pixie wings - (
Thanks for reading. I hope you liked my designs. 
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Airport OOTD! blogging everyday in May 12.

So as many of you know I am heading of to germany today so I thought I would just do a quick outfit of the day for todays post.

First is a pair of Black disco pants, which were featured in my April favourites. I have had these for about 4 or 5 years from a party, but luckily they still fit perfectly.

camo jacket from Primark. Comfy and light good for summer breeze weather.

black and white striped top from Jane Norman, I did mention this in my latest haul. It is just a plain black and white striped short sleeved top. It is simple yet very flattering.

maroon vans from Office. Can sometimes be a little uncomfortable but it isn't bad. I really love the colour and style of them.

My designs 2! blogging everyday in may 27.

Hi guys, I have decided that I am going to do posts on my designs until I have showed you all the designs. Please bear in mind I am young and these were drawn quite a while ago. I will put links to similar items in case you like anything you see. They will not be exactly the same as I have designed all of these myself.
outfit 1: casual bbq.
Outfit 2: black.
black and white diagonal striped t-shirt - (
black disco pants/jogpers - (
white or black boot platform heels - (
Outfit 3: summer.
Outfit 4: fancy day time.
blue high waisted jeans - (
striped sleeveless top - (
brown platform boot heels - (
Outfit 5: work.
grey slit pencil skirt - (
purple top - (
purple blazer/cardigan - (
grey/purple/black platform heels - (
Outfit 6: Holiday evening.
Black and white playsuit - (
black bangle - (
black platform heels - (
Outfit 7: Cute summer dress.
pink and purple dress - (
Outfit 8: stripes.
striped puff ball skirt - (
striped blouse/top - (

Thanks for reading. I hop you like my designs. Please comment below telling me what you thought
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Sunday, 26 May 2013

My designs! blogging everyday in may 26.

Hi guys, so since I want to be a designer some day I thought I would show you some of my designs from one of my books. I am only going to show a few. Please bear in mind they are quite old and I am only 14 years old.

Design 1: woodsy.
Green striped top
Brown high waisted shorts
brown biker boots
nature headpiece
 Outfit 2: posh casual.
pink top with fish net detailing
big brown belt
blue skirt
white knee high socks with pink and blue stripes
blue heels with wood detailing
 Outfit 3:
light pink dress
big grey waist belt
high pink socks
grey biker boots
grey biker sleeveless jacket
Outfit 4: work chic.
white or cream blouse
black or dark beige skirt with white or cream pockets
Outfit 5: beach time.
blue polka dot bikini
sheer pink over dress elasticated at hips.
floppy sun hat
Outfit 6: posh holiday evening.
wedge sandals
maxi dress

Outfit 7: date night.
black and white mini dress
black platform boot heels .e.g. Jeffery Campbells (not visible)
Outfit 8: fancy evening occasion (anniversary)
black dress with gold collar and belt detail
Thanks for reading I hoped you liked some of my designs. I would love to hear what you think of them, but please don't comment sayings horrible things.
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

OOTD - casual shopping! blogging everyday in may 25.

Hi guys, sorry I didn't do a post yesterday I was busy and didn't have my laptop with me unfortunately. Today I am just going to keep this this simple and sweet with an OOTD. This is a very casual look.

-Blue to mint green ombre jumper - £15 Primark.(can buy a darker colour sleeveless from H&M)
-Black disco pants - H&M (can buy any where).
-Maroon vans - £45 Office.
Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Shoe Collection! Blog everyday in may 23.

Hi guys, I have huge selection of shoes in my cupboard so I thought since I have so many why not share them with you and maybe help you find some more shoes.


Dr. Martin - £115 Ofifice. Although these are very expensive I think they were seriously worth it. They go with most things. They are very comfortable (after worn in a bit), and they are really pretty.

Uggs - £110. These were very expensive and I guess you could say I haven't worn them as much as I should have because of the price, but I still really love the pattern and I like how you can wear the flaps up or rolled down.

Black boots with gold heardware - £11 sale Matalan. I instantly fell in love with these the moment I laid eyes on them. They are really comfortable but also look nice with alot, actually pretty much everything.

Pink toned nude ankle boots - £20 New look.I love these because as they are so neutral they go with everything, they fit well and they have a really cute rusticlook to them.

Long brown boots - £10 Primark. These are really comfy, but you have to wear with socks or they will ruin your heels. They look very pretty with white or denim shorts.

Wellies - I love the look of wellies but they always make my feet really cold. I really liked the pattern and how they were quite simple black with repeated pattern and a buckle.
Black lace up biker boots - £15 Matalan. These are great for walking but are also really trendy. I love how these go with everything, they look especially nice with any pair of jeans - light, dark, acid wash.

Black open toed platform heels - £25 New look. These are really stunning and a great evening look but since I have extremely small feet they are super tall so I can't wear them that long. I wore them for 4 hours straight once and came home with blisters on my toes.

White heels - £5 on sale Next. These aren't the most comfortable of shoes but they are really beautiful. These would make gorgeous bridesmaid heels.


Black and cream pumps - £4 Primark. These are really cute and comfy. They are quilted cream with black edges and black toes and black bows. They are great if you are in a rush but want to look nice.
Blue pumps - Primark.I bought these for the queens jubilee as well but I actually wore these ones because they were more appropriate for the weather  and comfier. I really like the red white and blue stripes but I think it does perhaps look a tad French.

Black pumps with gold detailing - Primark. These are great for just slipping on to run out of the house or to just slip on when you need something quick and comfy if you are being rushed.

Sandals & flip-flops:

Union jack flip-flops - £3 Primark. I originally bought these for the diamond jubilee but ended up never wearing them. I didn't want to sell them or give them away because I still thought they were really cute and I could use them for holiday.

Colour printed flip flops - Accessorize. I got these about 4 years ago. I know what your thinking, OMG your feet are so small they never grow, trust me I know all this. I really love these because they are one of the only flip flops I have ever had that haven't rubbed in between my toes.

Silver diamond flip-flops - Accessorize. The are the exact same as the ones above but silver with obviously fake diamonds on the straps. I thought these would be cute for if you weren't wearing colours or if you would going to somewhere nice in the evening.

 Gladiator sandals - Next. These were mid price I can't remember the exact price. At first these hurt my heels, I just put plasters on them and I still do in case they keep rubbing.
 Maroon/burgundy vans - £40-50 Office. I love these shoe. They are my favourite shoes. These go with pretty much everything. I really love these with black leggings or disco pants.

 High tops - £15 TKMaxx. I like wearing these for sports or with something pretty in pink to dress it down a bit and make it look a bit more grunge.

 Van/creeper style trainers - £4 Primark. I am so happy I saw these, they had 1 pair left which just happened to be a 3. Don't mock my small feet. I wore these everyday in the week in Germany and they were just so comfy and they feel like good quality, I have a feeling these will last me a fair amount of time.
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