Monday, 29 April 2013

I <3 Spring Tag!

Hi guys, I have been wanting to do this tag for ages and now that spring has really started to show up with the nice weather what better time to do it! (this was inspired by missglamorazzi)

1) What is your favourite spring nail polish?
- I have some kind of weird obsession with nail varnish, I shouldn't be allowed to go to the nail polish section of boots or superdrug but it is just like heaven for me and it draws me in! My favourite spring Nail polish is Essie mint candy apple. This was so hard because I have so many but this is just such a nice spring colour.

2) What is your must have lip colour this spring?
- I don't wear makeup but I have 3 lip colours that I really want. The first is the covergirl jumbo gloss bomb in watermelon twist. This is a bright pink chubby stick. I think this colour would be great for spring as its really bright and summery the next 2 are both from topshop, macaroon which is a really pretty bright pink with a slight hint of coral but has that my lips but better colour, and ditsy which is a bright red with a hint of pink/orange coral undertone.

3) What is your favourite spring dress?
- My favourite dress for spring at the moment is a dress from Gilly Hicks which is navy blue at the top and then blue and white check on the skirt. I like these because they are great for holidays as well as just a day out or even an evening out. Another great thing this does if your curvey like me and you want to really show of your waist and hips this cinches in at your waist.

4) What is your favourite spring flower?
- My favourite spring flower is between a cherry blossom or a birds of paradise. I love cherry blossom because when the petals blow in the wind it looks so beautiul and sumery. I love birds of paradise because they are so pretty and colourful, they just really remind me of spring.

5) What is your favourite spring accessorie?
- My favourite spring accessorie this season is my little brown belt. I love this belt so much and its getting tatty but it is always so hard to replace something when it is one of your favourite things, I can just never find one quite as good.

6) What spring trends are you looking forward to this year?
- This is easy I am really loving and looking forward to more monocrome and neon I have just been loving everything I see neon and monocrome its just so bright and perffect for the spring.

7) What is your favourite spring candle?
- I don't really have any spring candles yet I am hoping to get one soon but, I really liked the Daffodils and Dandelions (sunny side up) candle. I got this candle from a family friend when my family moved house and a little house warming gift and it smells very fresh and summery its gorgeous!

8) What is your favourite body spray/perfume for the spring?
- My favourite body spray for the sp;ring would have to be Solana beach by Hollister because it smells very sweet and spring like and I love everything sweet for spring. My favourite perfume for spring time is Valntino rock 'n' rose because it is a really good balance of fruitiness it kind of smells like apples but a little sweeter, but it isnt too sweet or too fruity.

9) What is spring like where you live?
- Spring where I live, despite being in England, is actually really nice here. Spring is my favourite season because It is like the perfect blend of hot and breezy. As I live in England there can be days where there is quite a bit of breeze but so far spring has been lovely, all the flowers are blooming and the weather is great.

10) What is your favourite thing about spring?
- My favourite thing about spring is the colours, mostly colours in the fashion but also in the flowers. I love how they are so bright and really show spring in a nutshell.

11) Are you a spring cleaner?
- No not really, I guess I do sometimes just have days where I just go through everything I own but I don't very often. It does really bugs me though because I am a really obsessive person with things being neat and being in order but I am a really messy person when it comes to my room.

12) Have you got any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations?
- No, My spring half term actually ended a couple weeks ago and I pretty much did nothing the whole time but I do have a german exchange coming up in a few weeks, so I am off to germany soon. I don't know if that counts but I am excitted I will be keeping you updated.
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

14th Birthday Haul!

On Tuesday 12th march it was my birthday, so I thought I would share with you the things I got.

First is the best present I recieved, my Iphone 4. I love love love this phone I could go on about the things I love about it but everyone already knows about the great stuff about it, so I wont, but I do love it! This was from my mum and dad. Thank You x

 Next, from my Mum, was a jumper from Primark. It is Ombre from blue to a bluey mint colour, it is shoulder-less with studs around the edge of the cut out hole. This is great for just a casual day out with some black leggings and a green camouflage jacket, or again you can dress it up with disco pants. I wear this with my maroon vans as well.

Next are from my two brothers Adam and David. Adam bought me a gift card for River Island. I always find things like jumpers in there that I really like bit can never afford so this will come in handy when I am shopping. David got me £40. I love getting money for my birthday because I can spend on anything I want, When ever I want and I don't have to worry about it expiring. They also got me a big bag of tangfastics. I LOVE TANGFASTICS, actually I love all sour sweets.

Next from my Nan, I got some denim shorts dungarees from Topshop. These are so cute and I have been wanting some for while now but they don't look that great on me so I might swap them for something I know I will definitely wear because I don't want to waste £40 on something I will never wear, also from my Nan I got a T-shirt from Topshop I had been wanting for ages. It is a white T-shirt with dork written in black on it. I saw someone wearing this and I thought it looked really nice but very casual at the same time, and you can dress them up a bit with some disco pants. I wear these with my maroon vans. My Nan also got me a voucher for Topshop since I love it so much!(picture above)

Next, from my best friend Georgina Clare, I got a clothes folder. This is quite a personal present so I will explain. I don't know if you watch the amazing and hilarious programme The Big Bang Theory (comment below if you have seen it and tell me any other programmes you think I should watch) well the main character Sheldon is a bit of a freak and has a clothes folder to keep everything neat so me and Georgina Clare decided we really want one just because they are cool.

Next, from my friend Bobbi I got 2 presents. The first is just so cute, it is a little purse with different floral material in pink and blue all over it and it came with a little key ring which is just a big light indigo blue button and it is just so cute. These are from Cath Kidstone. The second thing is a little nail set. I am a big fan on nail varnish, I change my nail polish nearly every week maybe even twice a week. It came with two small emery boards and 4 nail polishes. The first polish was a very grey ish muted nude colour, the second is a very light baby pink, the third is a grey with a very very subtle undertone of blue, and fourth is a sort of pinky purple maroon colour. I am so bad at describing nail polish I am deeply sorry.

Next, from my friend Ellie I got 4 presents. They are all mustache themed and I love them. First out of the 4 is a long statement necklace with a black kind of black glitter mustache on it. second is a plastic black ring with a mustache on it. I have been looking for a ring for ages now but I cant find any that find my weird fingers and this one fits perfectly its not too big or small and doesn't look really weird on me like all the others. third is a little pink/peach colour pencil with little mustaches all around it and a mustache rubber. I am always borrowing pencils from people so now I have one of my own and its really cute. fourth is a big white mug with a black mustache on the front and on the inside a pretty random vintage bike on the inside. I love them.

Next, from my friend Leah, I got really cute red heart shaped candles. Now if you know me or read my blog you will know that I love candles. These candles smell really light a fresh like summer, great for getting in the summer mood. If we get any in England.

Next from my friend Nina I got 3 little hand creams from Cath Kidstone. The first one is in the scent Wild Rose, the second one is in the scent Bluebell, the third one is in the scent HoneySuckle.

Next, from my friend Alex, I got 3 presents. The first was a pair of red, soft bed socks with little, red heart grips on the bottom. I love bed socks because my feet are always freezing no matter how hot it is, The second was a little worn wooden heart picture frame with two little dangling white hearts. This is so cute and it looks really rustic, it can also hang up on the wall, and last was a little union jack purse. I love union jacks and I love this purse it so cute and a great size.

Next, from my friend Mani, I got the 3d nail varrnish from Topshop. This a gold shimmer polish with a seperate pot of tiny multi coloured balls that you did your nails into. I love the idea of this and you can use any coloured nail varnish as your base.

My friend Immi got me £10. As I said before I love getting money as a birthday present. If my family gets me money for my birthday I love it.

Lastly, from my friend Sydney, I got 2 presents both from lush. The first was a blue bath bomb shaped as a robot. This scent is lavender, I love the look of this but I am not a big fan of lavender. The next thing she got me is a set including the happy hippy shower gel which is lemon and grapefruit scent, and the green with a purple dot soap bar called Miranda.

Thanks for reading I hope this was interesting and makes you want to go out and buy some of that stuff, make sure to comment below if you liked it and tell me what kind of posts you want me to do in the future
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