Thursday, 14 March 2013

My Top Tips For Losing Weight Healthily!(keepng healthy)

I have always struggled with my weight since I was small but when I started secondary school I got teased a little bit, just by stupid boys but I thought it was time to watch what I ate. Since looking at photos of me in year 5 to me know in year 9 I am very happy with the amount I have lost and hope to lose a little bit more. I recently bought my first ever bikini last summer since I was 2 yeas old because I was always too self-conscious about my stomach.

1) Stop drinking fizzy drinks. When I got my braces on I completely stopped drinking fizzy drinks because I don't want really bad rotting teeth and it honestly does really helped I have seen a real difference. my brother must go through about 1 litre a day and he has really bad shakes in his hands.

2) Stop eating snacks just stick to your three meals a day apart from fruit and water which are good for you.

3) Drink lots of water. I absolutely hate water but I had to start drinking it when I got my braces and it helped a lot. It doesn't have any calories or fat so drink as much as you like.

4) Eat small portions. My mum used to feed me and my brothers a lot as we were young because she never used to gain much weight but then as I got older we decided to be stricter and it paid off. Don't skip breakfast (or lunch either)because you will end up getting hungry early and start snacking earlier than lunch. Just eat maybe some toast with lighter butter or some fruit or even some bran flakes with fruit avoid cereal it is very high in sugar.

5) Try to cut down to one treat a week. It actually makes you enjoy it more because you wait all week for it.

6) substitute unhealthy food for a healthier options even the little things. I like to have frozen yogurt instead of ice cream it has much them fat and calories but still tastes the same if not better.

These are just a few ways that worked for me so remember they might not work for you. these are just tips to keep healthy and make sure you have a better general diet.
Thanks for reading I hope this helped, make sure to comment below if you liked it and tell me what kind of posts you want me to do.
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