Sunday, 10 February 2013

MINI HAUL! part 2| H&M, Van Hage

I am Carrying on from yesterdays haul and I have a few more bits to show you. This is only a very very short haul because I showed you most of it yesterday.

First I went to a garden center called van hage to get another candle. I found 2 that I really liked but my mum preferred this one so we got it. I liked them both so I didn't really mind. It is the wax lyrical england candle spiced berry. 
Wax Lyrical - Candle - Spiced Berry. Click for larger image.
Next I went to H&M to look for velvet shorts for my gym display but I ended up not getting them and buying some baggy tops. I have really been into baggy tops thanks to my best friend Georgina Clare who also rights a blog. She always wears baggy tops with black leggings and I have followed her obsession. So, the first one I bought is a plain black one with a aztec print lace on the back. This would look really nice over a pair of jeans or even a skater skirt I would say that it could be worn in the day or evening.

back lace

Next from H&M I bought another baggy top. This was meant for my gym  because I didn't have the leotard. So this one is just a plain black baggy top with rolled up sleeves. This one one would also look nice over jeans or a skater skirt or with leggings. 

The last thing I bought in H&M is another baggy top. This one is a white top with multi-coloured specs. Now I wasn't sure if my friend had this one but if I am correct she has 2 plain white ones and a grey one with multi-coloured so I bought it because it was so nice and looked nice on as well. This wold look nice with jeans or leggings.

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  1. I love baggy tops xx

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