Monday, 18 February 2013

February Favourites!

Its my February favourites! I have been loving a lot of nice things this month so I thought it would be nice for me to share them with you. I am going to be doing monthly favourites every other month so it doesn't become too repetitive because most of the time I repurchase the same products that I have liked.

First thing is the boots oil of evening primrose face cream. I would say I have normal skin everywhere but my nose which is normal to oily. I ran out of my Nivea soothing day cream so my mum went and bought another one, sadly it was not the same but it was Nivea so I thought they couldn't be that different. Oh how I was wrong. I have this weird thing that I can't put sun cream on more than once because I get thing burning stingy feeling and this is what it felt like, plus it didn't sink in, it felt oily and it gave me spots. When I was finally running out of this, I was so glad. When I went to see My Nan she has bought me a new one and because it wasn't a proper brand and was just boots own I didn't know how good it would be but the moment I finished putting this on it had already sunk into my skin and made my skin feel really smooth and really soft. I will be repurchasing this a lot.

Next is the Essie mint candy apple nail polish. If you saw my haul you will know I had been wanting this for a long time and I had heard great reviews about it. I bought this for £7.99 which is quite pricey but it was so worth it. I am so happy I bought this, it dries in about 10 seconds, it is easy to build up, it is a beautiful colour for summer or winter, day or evening, also I have a really bad top coat which makes all the colour come of on the brush and dyes the polish even when the polish is dry but this one doesn't. I love it. 

Next is my khaki green hoodie from Topshop which I also mentioned in my haul. This hoodie is so soft and cozy I just couldn't not put this in my favourites. This jumper goes with pretty much goes with everything and is so easy to just whack over some black leggings and a baggy top. This is also great if you do any clubs like when I went to gymnastics and trampolining it was so easy to just pick this out and know it would be easy to work in and it is comfy.

Next is my P.J bottoms from Primark I also mentioned these in my haul. These bottoms are not to
or thick or fluffy but are still very soft and warm. These are great for sleeping in and just lounging around the house. They were £5, bargain.

Next is going to sound weird but I never used to wear leggings with a top it was always jeans, a skirt or shorts but recently my friend has really got me addicted to wearing them. So I am putting a pair of black leggings in my February favourites. They are just so comfy to wear around the house, they go with everything, they make your look a bit more casual and are easy to move in. I have been loving wearing this with my over sized gradated denim shirt from Hollister £42 which is another one of my February favourites.

Ok this one is again quite weird but at school everyone has this obsession with hand sanitiser. I normally get one from Primark because its only £50 and smells like lemons (I love everything lemon) but as I was in Tesco's I decided I would just get one from there I bought the Tesco's own hand gel. This smells a bit like a sanitary cucumber. I don't remember the exact price but I think it was about £1.

Next is a shampoo and conditioner, by Alberto balsam, that I found in Tesco at the same time I bought the hand sanitiser. I had never heard of this make so I was quite excited to try it. I love trying new hair products because I never really end up repurchasing any but I loved this one. It made my hair feel so light and it smells amazing. I bought the shampoo in coconut and lychee, this smells so good but its so annoying because it smells like a holiday and just makes me want to go to somewhere nice and hot. I got the conditioner in sun kissed raspberry. This smells really sweet and summery perfect for spring and summer.

Next is a pair of boots I have nearly mentioned in every blog post is my black boots with gold hardware from Matalan I got these for £11 on sale down from £22. These go with nearly everything, are really comfy and were well priced. They are also very easy to clean you can just wipe them and the dirt will come off. 

Next is two cents I have been loving. The first is a perfume I got as a set from pineapple with a shower gel called fame. This is quite a sporty cent but still quite sweet. The next one is a bit more high end, it's the Calvin Klein IN 2 U. This is a really elegant cent it isn't too sweet or too bitter. 

Next is the Wax Lyrical England candle in Spiced Berry. If you read part 2 of my haul you will know I love candles. This smells like Christmas and who doesn't like Christmas. The ones I smelt I loved which were more of the winter cents.

Finally is the Leigh skinny jeans from Topshop. I have loved these since I bought them 8 months ago. I had to look for a pair of jeans for a photo shoot party and the Leigh jeans were the only ones which looked ok because I am bigger around my stomach and hips and have really skinny ankles but when I tried these on I was very pleasantly surprised. Topshop is one of the shops I can shop in unlike New look. I ended up buying a light blue shorter pair which are probably better in the summer but I wear them all year round. I also bought a dark blue longer pair which are probably better in the winter but I also wear these all year round. They look great with everything and are really stretchy as well.

Thank you for reading X
I hope I have given you some choices to maybe consider buying if you were struggling to find any of the products!
bye x

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  1. oo I love your boots and your pyjama bottoms!
    I need to go to Primark and get me some new ones :)
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

    1. Happy to help! x I will check out you blog!

  2. i love the skinny jeans and the essie nail varnish such a lovely colour! x