Monday, 21 January 2013

My New York Fashion Dream!

All my life I have LOVED FASHION. Even when I was younger I would never ever go out until I liked what I was wearing. I am not academic. I have never been any good at Maths or English. I was very good at Science in primary school but when I moved to secondary school I was suddenly in set 3 out of 4. I am much better at creative things like designing, cooking, fashion, drama, art and music and I enjoy doing them. The only academic thing I am good at is languages, which in future I guess could really help with my dream in the fashion industry. I started this blog to improve my writing skills for English and help me to understand new technology to get higher grades in computing (I.C.T) and to also share my love of fashion with you!

This leads me onto what this whole blog is about, My Dream. Before I was born my mum used to travel a lot more with my brothers, but she then didn't like flying so i didn't get to go anywhere far away. Now, I am not a good flyer myself but I love going to new place travelling. I have always been Intrigued to go to New York and I was so happy (and lucky) when my mum told me we were going to New York when I was in year 5. When I went there I loved it and been wanting to go again ever since. My mum has agreed to take me to other place other than Portugal, where we went every year. I have been obsessed with films about New York e.g. 'Home Alone' for a long time now. 

(My first pair of real converses I bought in New York!)

(King Kong bush in central park restaurant!)

(Horse and carriage ride through central park!)

I know this is a really unrealistic dream to have but its one I have stuck to pretty much my whole life. When I used to be asked what I wanted to be I would say fashion designer. So I while people might think There is no way that is going to happen, I will stick at my dream and have decided when I am older I am going to move to New York and get a job there. I am hoping to go to New York again soon but I can only hope I will get to go.  I am planning to be the first one in my family go to sixth form then university so I can pursue my dream and make sure I earn a living for my self and can help out my family if they need it. I like to be independent although some might think differently (Georgina Clare) but I want to be able to say I have done something without anyone's help.

Thank you for reading 
please don't just find the negatives about you find something you love and are good at and stick to it like I am.
Never put yourself down, always live life to the full
bye <3

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  1. I really love this!!! very real and genuine!! and dont give up on that dream! :)

    Andrea xx

    and im tryin to follow your blog and cant find where I can click to follow you :(

    1. thank you so much I really appreciate it. you have to go to you home page of your blog and click add new. i will check your blog out thx!!

  2. cute post

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