Monday, 14 January 2013

Favourite Top 15 Nail Varnishes!

I have so many nail varnishes, and I mean a lot. So I thought I would just show some of my favourites and hopefully inspire you to go out and buy some x

1) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour u/tangerine shade 131. This is a peachy orange shade with just a very slight tint of coral. I think this colour goes really well with pale ice cream colours like mint green. It is not this orange it is more peachy.

2) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour liberty, shade 71. This a pale baby pink colour when its on but in the bottle it looks a pink champagne colour. You can also buy this on Amazon. This one looks really pretty with the silver glitter (no#4) over the top.

3) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from amazon in the colour 'Ultra pink', shade 132. This is a florescent pink with a hint of orange coral. This colour is very 60's, great for fancy dress or even if your just feeling very lively in summer or spring.

4) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour 'Silver glitter', shade 87. This is a clear polish with small silver glitter flake in it. This looks great over all different colour nail varnishes especially liberty. I wore this combination on new years eve because it looks like champagne, everyone drinks champagne at new year  and glitter for a party look.

5) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour Jupiter, shade 84. This one is another glitter nail polish but red. I found this great for Christmas as it was very festive just over angelica. This would also look good on top of babe 09 from the La Femme Beauty set.

6) This is from the La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour ultra blue, shade 127. This colour is a glossy light sky blue. Again looks really Christmasy under silver glitter like snow flakes. 

7) This is from the La Femme Beauty  collection from Amazon called black glitter its a clear nail polish with silver glitter specs. This would look good on top of any nail polish but best on bright colours. or black.

8) This is from La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon in the colour babe, shade 09. This is a beautiful cherry red colour again very festive for Christmas. This is almost exactly the same as my O.P.I red nail polish, except this is a bit thicker and slightly darker. This would look great with Jupiter on top.

9) I think you all know what i am about to say, yes La Femme Beauty collection from Amazon This one is in ultra yellow. This looks very scary in the bottle but the same as the ultra pink its very 60's. really great colour for fancy dress and spring, really gives you some POP!

10) This is the 2 true shade 8. This one is a maroon/burgundy colour. I also mentioned this in my December favourites post. It is similar to any colours called black cherry, cranberry.etc.
11) This is also a 2 true in shade 3, which is a very light pink coral. I love this one in the spring or summer and it just brightens up your look.
12) This is the oh so nails polish from next in the colour biscuit. This shade is a brown beige nude colour. I love to wear this to school as it is very subtle and hard to notice as we are not allowed to wear nail polish at school.

13) This is angelica in the shade ocean. This is a very deep sea blue with strokes of purple and green though it which gives it a mermaid tail look. This looks really festive underneath Jupiter.

14) This is the O.P.I lacquer in the colour excuse moi! This is a light pink polish with multi-coloured glitter specs in it. I find that glitter nail polishes are so hard to remove so I just leave these to chip away.

15) Last but not least this is no#7 stay perfect in the colour gold, now it doesn't actually say a shade but it is gold. This looks great on every other nail when you have the next biscuit on all the others and it is still quite subtle but pretty.

Thanks for reading
please don't be shy go out and invest in some of these i really recommend these colours they are so pretty and liven up your outfit.
bye x

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