Sunday, 6 January 2013

December favourites!

It's my December favourites!
Ok, so these are few things I have been loving for the last month and I thought I share them with you.c

First is the neutrogena pink grapefruit daily facial wash. I love this face wash, it makes my skin feel so soft and gets rid of spots really quickly. It was a bit pricey but so worth it it cost £5 from wilkinsons. When I tried my mums Clinique one it made me break out all over my face so I couldn't wait to get a new one, and I'm happy I got this one. Once I have washed my face at night and in the morning I apply my face cream which just happens to be in my favourites. The Nivea soothing daily face cream. This cream smells so nice and feels amazing on your skin, it just feels soo silky smooth. Once I've used this I always go into school stroking my face because my skin feels so soft.

Next in my favourites is the 2true nail polish in shade 8 which is a maroon burgundy colour which I have been loving the last few months. I bought this in super drug for around £3, bargain. It dries reasonably fast and lasts about a week. It looks so beautiful when its on I just kept using it over and over again. My next item is my 2 brackets that I found lying around my house so I picked them up. They have a really vintage look to them which I love and I have been wearing non stop because I love them so much.
Next in my favourites is my camouflage army jacket now I don't know if this is cheating because It was a Christmas present but I wear it with everything. I love it. For about a year and a half now I have really been into vintage things and I don't know why but when someone says vintage the first thing I think of is a leather satchel, which leads me on to my next favourites my 2 real leather small satchel bags these are so old and were my mums so sadly I don't know how much they were or where they are from but I have one brown and one black. They are a great size for your phone purse and makeup and any little extras you would need. If you wanted to see a picture there is one of the brown one in my OOTD from the 3rd jan.
finally last but not least in my favourites is a pair of shoes I got from primark which were such a bargain but I love to death. I am talking about what I like to call elf shoes but actually little pump/plimpsole kind of shoes sort of similar to espadrilles bt with more structure. My pair are a navy  blue because most of my clothes are that colour, but they came in about 4 other colours that i can think of; navy blue with pink flowers, white, black, pink and a light bright blue. These shoes are super comfortable and stylish. I love them. I really recommend these they are AMAZING!
Thanks for reading I hope I encouraged you to go and buy some of this stuff and have a very happy new year!
Pictures of everything below:

neutrogena face wash-£5.00 Wilkinson

Nivea soothing daily cream-boots

vintage looking elastic bracelet

vintage looking chain bracelet

small brown vintage satchel

2 true nail polish shade 8-£3.00 Superdrug

navy blue plimsoll/pumps-£4 Primark

military camouflage jacket-£25.00 Primark

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