Saturday, 12 January 2013

15 random questions tag!

I found a few random questions online and wrote them down and I am going to answer them all just so you can find out some weird facts about me.

1) Favourite funny film - now this is hard because pretty much all I like to watch is comedies and Christmas films, but if I have to choose one it has to be home alone 1 or 2 I just find myself laughing at how he uses a tape to scare guys away.
2) Favourite season holiday e.g. Easter - my favourite holiday has to be Christmas. I don't remember a time when Christmas wasn't my favourite time of the year. You get loads of chocolate, loads of money and everything else you want.

3) Favourite cereal - ok this is so hard because I am really not a fan of cereal, but the one I don't mind is crunchy nut clusters. They are so nutty and sweet.
4) Favourite one direction song - OMG this is so hard I love them all and I can only get down to 4 kiss you, rock me, live while we're young and little things. They are all amazing I love them.

5) Favourite sport - I only like 2 sports which are both pretty much the same all the rest I hate and suck at. These 2 are trampolining and gymnastics.

6) Favourite insect - this is weird one but I do have one. My favourite is a wasp thing I saw in Greece once it was beautiful I was really long oval shaped, it was an orange coral colour and at the end quarter of it, it was black with white spots with triangular wings that went super fast. It was so pretty.

7) Favourite Disney prince - hmm... I think my favourite Disney prince is Aladdin. He is so cute and he flies a magic carpet. Can you get a better prince than that?
8) Favourite harry potter spell – I am not a fan of harry potter I only like the first one but I quite like the spell wingardium leviosa.

9) Favourite sweet food - definitely chocolate! ooooh sweet chocolate :P

10) Favourite Disney princess – I like them all but I think I like snow white the most because she is just so dainty and elegant.

11) favourite savoury food - homemade mac 'n' cheese. I hate the package ones and I really hate it when people put breadcrumbs on it. I do love some good cheese and pasta though mmmm.......
12) favourite one direction member - I put them in this order; Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam!

13) Favourite action hero - My favourite action hero is super man because he is brave enough to wear pants over his tights and he has a cool logo.

14) favourite hot drink - Ooooh i do love a good hot chocolate but I like it very chocolaty I don't like really weak milky ones. I hate hate hate coffee and I don't mind tea but hot chocolate is such lovely treat especially at Christmas!

15) favourite cold drink - My favourite cold drink is Appletiser. I love apple stuff. The smell and the taste. 

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed finding out some weird facts about me.
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