Tuesday, 29 January 2013

whats in my makeup bag!

I don't really wear makeup because it normal gives me spots and I have very very sensitive skin so I find it hard to get off because it hurts even when I am gentle but when I wear makeup to party's or on occasions this is my big collection I have to choose from. Now, you are going to think I have a lot for someone who doesn't wear makeup but most is just stuff my mum doesn't like and never used.

first is my volume flash scandal eyes waterproof mascara from rimmel. I really agree with this being waterproof and gives volume, which I guess could be a bad thing because it is quite hard to get off as it is extremely waterproof but its still great. I find this nice for my eyelashes because I have really long eyelashes but they don't curl up they go straight out flat. I think that it coats your eyelashes with a good amount of mascara and just really helps give them much more volume. Also i normally hate the smell of mascaras but this one doesn't smell as bad.

Next is the no7 moisture drench 60 chic lipstick. I find this is better for either with a tan or with very very pale skin. It is a pink lipstick with a purple berry undertone. With this colour you have to put a few coats on if you want it to stand out more. It has a good finish it feels thick but will go on easily. This one goes really well with the Elizabeth Arden high shine lip gloss which is also in my makeup bag  

Next is another lipstick this one is by L'OREAL colour riche praline beige in shade 102 . This is more of a light pink colour with a beige undertone. This one has a bit of a shine to it and would look nice with a clear gloss on top but you can wear it without gloss and it would still have a bit of shine. I would say this is a cream finish. 
Next is another L'OREAL lipstick called sapphire rose shade 266. This is a dark pink with quite a lot of shimmer because again it is quite a creamy finish. This one doesn't need a gloss onto as it has its own shimmer.

Next are the clarins everlasting foundation powder in 109 wheat and the lipstick fusion 510. First the powder this is good for evening out your skin tone giving you all around clearer skin, it comes in a gold pot with a white sponge but I would use a brush. The lipstick I would say is a mat finish, it is a berry pink medium darkness - this would also look good with the Elizabeth Arden lip gloss.

Next is the Divinora teint expert confort foundation powder. This is so good it goes on creamy just like a wet foundation and drys like when you have just out face cream on. This one also comes in a gold pot with a fingerprint pattern on thee top with a peach sponge.

Next i have lots little clinique sample things that aren't really samples. 
1) High impact eye shadow - this is one small eye shadow the shade foxy which is a brown with hint of rose gold colour. This comes with a small brush.
2) eye defining duo shadow and liner - In the shade cashew. This one has 2 colours a dark brown and a light to medium foundation powder colour. The brown one would be great for eyebrow as well as eye shadow and the light peachy colour could probably work as an under eye concealer.
3) soft pressed powder blush - In the shade 37 warm raisin. This blush is a mat blush it comes with a small blush brush.
4) high impact eye shadow - In the shade platinum dust. This could also be used as a high lighter in areas like your cheekbones, eyebrows or forehead. This is a light shimmery neutral nude with a hint of pink, peach and white.
5) colour surge eye shadow duo - In the shade Victorian pink. The first one is again a rose gold colour and the second is a light beige brown colour. T his one would be great for a brown neutral smokey eye the rose gold on the lid and the brown in the crease.

Another little sample is the No7 stay perfect eyeshadow in the shade 50. This is a kind of neutral light pink. 

Next is the esteƩ lauder signature eyeshadow quad in 01 sand. The first clour is a beige. The second is a dark brown. The third is a white and the fourth is a light pink.These are all really pretty colours and the dark brown can be used fro eyebrows and the white can be used for highlighter.

Next is the BC body collection bronzing powder, highlighter, add the brown mascara. The bronzer is very dark so you really do not need a lot. The highlighter could also be used as an eye shadow. The mascara is brown which means it is a lot softer than black and if you do a brown smokey eye it can look better.

Next is the clinique gentle light powder in shade 03 glow 3. This powder is like icing sugar it goes everywhere when you open it. This is in a deep pot with a pull off resealable tab.

Next is the urban decay heavy metal glitter eye gel. This is like the glitter glue people used in primary school. This is a clear/white gel with glitter specs.

Next is the collection 2000 pressed powder in the shade 18 ivory. This is basically white its is so pale i bought this for Halloween and it actually makes you look dead. 
Next another small, I guess sample thing, is the Dior soft powder blush in the shade 849 contour. This is a very neutral pink with a peachy beige undertone.

Next is the beauty UK eye shadow collection number 5. This has 10 shades in it all ranging between blue's purple's grey's silver's and black's. 

and finally is the parfums Christian Dior 1 colour eye shadows 988-979-669-948 and Dior addict lipstick 489-579. This has 4 eye shadows and 2 lipsticks and comes with a brush they range from very light pink to peach to bright pink to maroon and a purple under toned pink.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

My New York Fashion Dream!

All my life I have LOVED FASHION. Even when I was younger I would never ever go out until I liked what I was wearing. I am not academic. I have never been any good at Maths or English. I was very good at Science in primary school but when I moved to secondary school I was suddenly in set 3 out of 4. I am much better at creative things like designing, cooking, fashion, drama, art and music and I enjoy doing them. The only academic thing I am good at is languages, which in future I guess could really help with my dream in the fashion industry. I started this blog to improve my writing skills for English and help me to understand new technology to get higher grades in computing (I.C.T) and to also share my love of fashion with you!

This leads me onto what this whole blog is about, My Dream. Before I was born my mum used to travel a lot more with my brothers, but she then didn't like flying so i didn't get to go anywhere far away. Now, I am not a good flyer myself but I love going to new place travelling. I have always been Intrigued to go to New York and I was so happy (and lucky) when my mum told me we were going to New York when I was in year 5. When I went there I loved it and been wanting to go again ever since. My mum has agreed to take me to other place other than Portugal, where we went every year. I have been obsessed with films about New York e.g. 'Home Alone' for a long time now. 

(My first pair of real converses I bought in New York!)

(King Kong bush in central park restaurant!)

(Horse and carriage ride through central park!)

I know this is a really unrealistic dream to have but its one I have stuck to pretty much my whole life. When I used to be asked what I wanted to be I would say fashion designer. So I while people might think There is no way that is going to happen, I will stick at my dream and have decided when I am older I am going to move to New York and get a job there. I am hoping to go to New York again soon but I can only hope I will get to go.  I am planning to be the first one in my family go to sixth form then university so I can pursue my dream and make sure I earn a living for my self and can help out my family if they need it. I like to be independent although some might think differently (Georgina Clare) but I want to be able to say I have done something without anyone's help.

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please don't just find the negatives about you find something you love and are good at and stick to it like I am.
Never put yourself down, always live life to the full
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